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August 10, 2014 by brianakling

Since this is my first blog post on my Bombshell Beauty blog, I figured that this would be a great time to introduce myself! image I am the type of girl that changes with the times. Or at least, I thought I was. Born in the wrong era, I aspire to be pinup makeup artist and model. With a passion for theatre, Shakespeare, and dramaturgy, I never had a particular style that was mine. I would change my style around the fashions that stood out in the stores. From the Ugg boots to skinny jeans, my aspiration to be wear 50’s style clothing was put in the background. Several weeks ago, I looked upon old photos of when I was in high school. I had this yellow polka dotted 1950’s style dress that I loved to wear any chance I could get. Seeing myself in that dress, I realized that I wanted to dig up my desires to dress vintage, rockabilly, and classic. So, I cute my hair, bought myself bandanas and began my journey to the pinup life. With very little money to buy the clothes, I am focusing on perfecting the perfect 1950’s makeup routine that fit my personality. I started this blog to share my love of the pinup style but mainly to spread makeup tips and tricks that any reader can possibly use to make themselves feel beautiful and classic without breaking the bank. Every person should be able to feel beautiful, classic, or vintage without spending a whole bunch of money on the clothes, makeup or hair products. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that I cannot give my readers tips on doing pinup hair because I cannot do a victory roll or use a curling iron to save my life. image What I hope to accomplish with this makeup blog is give you all insight to makeup in order to find your own makeup style. Thank you for reading my first makeup/pinup blog!


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