Sponges, Brushes, and Fingers, Oh My!

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August 12, 2014 by brianakling


When you are buying foundation, please consider how and what you are going to use to apply it with. When I was introduced to the wonderful world of Sephora and Ulta, the first items I bought myself were a foundation and smudge brush. More often than most, people tend to spend good money on their favorite products without thinking of the brushes you need to apply them. Please consider the options that you have available in a drug, discount, or makeup store.

With my opinions aside, please consider the following little reviews on a foundation brush and sponge/egg.


Foundation Brush
A foundation brush, for liquid, powder, or cream foundation allows your makeup to blend into your face correctly and evenly. Using a foundation brush, I have concluded that you can use far less liquid foundation than you need to get great coverage. I normally use about a kidney bean size amount for each cheek. I dab the makeup around my cheek and then with the brush, I blend the foundation in a circular motion. Repeat for other cheek. As for powder foundation, I would suggest a slightly bigger brush for your face. You can sprinkle as much powder as you need for you application in the lid. Dab your brush in powder and make sure you hit the brush on the side of the lid to get rid of excess powder. NO wasting money! As for cream foundation, the application is the same as liquid but you dip the brush right into the product. Now, make sure you blend cream foundation well with the brush. It could potentially look streaky and really thick. Apply in circular motion or however you like. Whether your using liquid, powder, or cream, make sure you double check your application. You don’t want hard lines, a cakey looking application, patches, or missed spots.

**Please remember to clean your brush every week! I use soap and warm water and let air dry. Make sure you form the brush back to it’s original shape. You don’t want to mess with the integrity of your brush.


Foundation Sponge or Egg
In my opinion, I believe that foundation sponges are good for applying cream foundation only. When you use a sponge to apply liquid, I feel that the liquid absorbs into the sponge and you end up losing a lot of your product. Also, the application of liquid foundation with a sponge can look streaky. With a sponge, I like to use the dab and blend technique that I use with a foundation brush. While you lose a lot of liquid product, the less cream foundation you have, the better. Obviously, you don’t use a sponge to apply powder foundation. That would be very silly.

I could ramble on about the sponge and cream foundation but I don’t want to bore you.


** I don’t suggest this application.

I normally don’t like to apply foundation with my fingers. If you don’t have the money to buy any types of brushes, this is an alternative you are more welcome to use. When using your fingers, I like to apply from the center of my face to the outer parts. The warmth of your fingers allow the makeup to blend into your face. But with the fingers, you are not only putting the product on but you end up taking it off at the same time.

There are other types of brushes that you can use (Kabuki brush, Stipple Brush, Goat Head Brush(For large pores)

Brands of brushes you can buy:
Sigma Brushes
Bobbi Brown Brushes
Sephora Brand Brushes

As always, if you have trouble applying your foundation, look up videos on YouTube.

Here are some channels:


MadeYewLook/Creative Boss

Maya Mia

Stay vintage, be classy, and remember that you have
moxy kid!



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