Dare to Wear Black!


August 13, 2014 by brianakling


Have you ever taken a really good look at your eye shadow palette and thought to yourself, “Gee, I wonder what it would be like to wear a darker color during the day?” A while back, I was told that wearing dark shadows like black was inappropriate for day time wear. I was told that dark colors are meant to be worn when you are going out at night. With that being said, I never really wore black eye shadow because it never seemed to fit my sense of style or eye shadow application. What I’m about to tell you is important:



Black eye shadow maybe bold and heavy for day time wear but there are always ways to add it to your makeup application if you are feeling edgy that day. Don’t ever be afraid to look in your eye shadow pallet and pick out black as a day time color to wear. It is put in your palette for a reason, so use it. Wearing black eye shadow doesn’t change your personality or alter your mood. It is simply used to enhance your smokey eye or your customized eye shadow application. Be bold with black or a darker color! It won’t bite!  As I said, you can add black or dark eye shadows to your applications by:

1. Lining your bottom water line or lid
Instead of using an eyeliner pencil, why don’t you use a darker shade of eye shadow. It can act as a liner plus you save yourself from poking yourself in the eye with the pencil. If you still want to use your liner, add the eye shadow just under your bottom water line on the lid. If you are using a black or darker blue or purple, it give it a hint of color to your application and makes you seem really creative with your color palettes .

2. Try adding it to your outer lid
Everyone applies there eye shadow differently. I personally like doing my own variation to a smokey eye everyday with my ELF or Urban Decay Eye Shadow palettes .


Elf Flawless Eyeshadow Palette


Urban Decay Palette

A. Starting with a white or lightest color and blending brush, I apply that color to my lid up to the crease of my lid.
B. After that is blended, I take a darker color (still on the light side) and apply that on top of my white or light color shadow to the crease of my lid.

C.Following that, I take a dark color and apply it to the crease of my eye, blending up and adding more color if needed. I extend and blend this color to the inner corner of my eye, leaving a half an inch for my brow color.

D. Finally, taking my black or darkest shade of shadow and my blending brush, I apply the color to the outer most part of my lid extending up to the crease and other color. I blend the color thoroughly to make sure it mixes well with my crease color and to be sure the darkest shade is there but still has a pop to it.

F. Add white to the brow bone and extend it down towards your inner eye. If you want an extra pop, extend the white color down past your tear duct.

3. Practice using the dark colors
I love my Ben Nye makeup kit. I use the makeup in the kit for the stage or special effects only. With that being said, if you have stage makeup and want to play around with the kit, try using your dark shadow colors as accents to your creation. When I use my water base paint from my kit, I take my stipple sponge and add accents of dark blues, purples, reds, greens, and black to my makeup. Using the stipple sponge, I develop texture to my makeup while using shadows that I normally don’t use.


Ben Nye Cream Makeup Kit minus Watercolors


Stipple Sponge

4. Line your lips
Lining your lips with dark eye shadow isn’t a new technique. If you have the dark colors sitting in your palette, use them for your lips. I have taken my dark browns and reds and lined my lips with them. If you want a fuller more matte lipstick shade, apply the shadow to your lips as well and it will give your lips an unique look.

DARE TO WEAR BLACK! There is nothing wrong with wearing darker shadows during the day! Let your edgy side show a little.

**Eye Shadow or eyeshadow.
Merriam Webster says it’s two words while other makeup companies spell it as one. Pick one, your never wrong.

Stay vintage, be classy, and remember that you’ve got moxy kid!


4 thoughts on “Dare to Wear Black!

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  2. Agreed, nothing wrong with that at all! I think it’s fun to wear darker shades in the day sometimes 🙂


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