It’s Not All About Beauty

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August 17, 2014 by brianakling


Have you ever had a day where you think to yourself,

“My regular beauty makeup isn’t enough?”

Today, my normal beauty makeup was not enough to please my creative side, so I had to break out my Ben Nye makeup kit. When I break out my stage makeup, the creative juices begin to flow. Whether it’s my Urban Decay or my Ben Nye, I always find a way to mix the two types of makeup with one beautiful application.


When I was in college, I took a stage makeup class. From old age to fantasy makeup, the class taught me that I was able to do more than I imagined with any type of makeup. I must admit that when I started the class, I had no courage or faith in my abilities as a makeup artist. I would gt extremely frustrated and give up so suddenly. I knew that I could do beauty makeup without any fuss but learning new applications and techniques made me feel helpless. As I began to get more mad at myself, I hit a place where I just stopped caring and began to create. Once I did that, I was able to mix beauty and special effects together to create some of the finest makeup I could produce.


Makeup is about opening your mind to the world of creativity. Do not let my blog or other people crush the fire that sparks within your mind and heart. If you want to try a new product or technique, DO IT! Do not be afraid to embrace makeup!

Be classy, stay vintage, and remember that you’ve got moxy kid!



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