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October 23, 2014 by brianakling

retro_pinup_girl_by_redg404_by_themaskedshrike-d4b7tjeI have not written a post in a long time for several reasons.

1. I haven’t bought any new materials since my last post

2. Having the time to write when I get home from work seems like a daunting task.

3. I have not been happy with my application for several weeks.

In any case, for those reason, I must admit that this blog post is going to be extremely opinionated. I, therefore apologize to any readers that find my opinion out of turn or wrong. For you, skip my post and move to the next one.

I have been gathering a list of pet peeves that bother me in the world of cosmetics. After watching Youtube videos, browsing new products, and seeing photos of many artists across the world, I realize that I have many pet peeves when it comes to makeup application and choices. With this post, I mean to explore my pet peeves with my audience. So, let us jump in.

1. Contouring


I said this before and I will say it again, contouring is pointless. I understand that contouring your face allows the person to exemplify certain areas of the face. With that understanding, I dislike like contouring application because it makes the face look extremely fake and plastered together. With that being my own opinion, I am sure several will disagree with me. To me, contouring allows the face to become fake looking. They make hundreds of products that have a weightless coverage and yet people add later of contouring to their face even before a foundation or powder application is done. Contouring just isn’t a look for everyone. I imagine artist contour because they want to appear to have flawless skin. With that assumption, I will further my opinion by saying that the face does in fact look flawless but your face looks caked with makeup. I believe that highlighting and shadowing the face should be done if you are on stage or doing stage makeup or prosthetic makeup application (ex. Old Age or Fantasy). I strive for a natural look. Contouring does not look natural. It looks awful. I can’t get around it. If anyone finds a way to contour a face without looking cakey, please let me know.

2. Foundation lines


Not everyone knows how to apply foundation properly. With that being said, if you do know how to apply it, please make sure you fully blend it in. Have you ever seen someone that forgot to blend their makeup all the way down underneath their chin and jaw line? This is a pet peeve that plagues several people around the world. My advice to you is, get a foundation brush and blend until you simply can’t blend anymore. One reason I believe the foundation line happens so often is because of the application. The culprit: Fingers or a sponge. I’ve written a blog post about foundation application. Please review. I never really liked sponges for a few reasons. One, they harbor so many germs and two, they don’t blend correctly. That’s why you see the seperation of foundation and chin happen. Please, for the love of all things sacred, buy a foundation brush, look up a beginner video, and use a mirror. It looks like you might possibly be wearing a mask.

3. Sharing Makeup


Come on people. Have you ever heard of germs? I don’t care how old you are or how terrible you look because you forgot your mascara, please don’t ever borrow any eye makeup from anyone. Not only does eye makeup house millions of germs, it is just really gross. Foundation and blush are one thing. You forget it, okay. Use your own set of brushes and I would be happy to pour some out in a dish for you to use. But eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow are a NO zone! If I ever run into you in a show or on the go, don’t ask me for my makeup. Lipstick is another thing too. If somone needs the color, have extra Q-tips on you to offer to the person. Just don’t share makeup.

I don’t expect many of you to agree with my pet peeves. For that reason, I don’t mind. An opinion is only an opinion.

As always, Stay classy, be vintage, and remember that you have moxy kid!

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Pet Peeves

  1. megansbeautyblog says:

    I agree with all of this. I have tried contouring before but it looks so cakey, I thought maybe I just wasn’t getting the application right but I’m glad that someone else agrees it’s too full on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rosesbeautyblog says:

    Love this ! 100% agree with the contouring ! So glad someone else doesn’t love it too !!

    Liked by 1 person

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