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October 25, 2014 by brianakling


When I watch television or my favorite movies, I tend to look at many different aspects of the piece that I look at. Makeup being the major thing. Now, I normally would write a blog about tips and tricks but today, I am going to list my favorite makeups from film and television to date.



I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of Batman but as of this year there is a show on Fox, Gotham tells the story of James Gordon before Bruce Wayne became the infamous Batman. With that being said, there is a character within the show named Fish Mooney. Played by Jada Pinkett Smith, her character flawless makeup! FLAWLESS! There are no other words for her makeup application! NO WORDS! Whoever does the application of her character’s makeup is brilliant. What makes her makeup perfect is the eyeshadow. Using what I believe is blacks and golds, Fish Mooney has impeciable taste in makeup. Sporting a smokey eye, her makeup is done with such grace to display a deeply violent character.

The Addams Family


Mortica Addams. There is something about a pale face, black and silver eyeshadows, red lips and nails and jet black hair. I believe that the best representation of Mortica Addams’s makeup was Angelica Houston from both The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. Her makeup in the first movie was classic and sexy. Still classy and sexy, the second movie make her look pop. Adding a strip of light to highlight her eyes, Mortica’s makeup glows. It might be a simple application but it is just wonderful.

The Pale Man


Stepping out of the realm of reality and jumping into Pan’s Labyrinth, The Pale Man’s scene within the 2006 film is utterly terrifying, unsettling, and beautifully done. Done with prosthetics and much more, the Pale Man is utterly beautiful to look at. With the eyes attached to the palms of his hands, his presence in the movie is morbid. His movements are static but fluid and his makeup is pale, plain, but interesting to look at.

Doctor Who


For over 50 years and almost over 1,000 episodes, Doctor Who has given it’s viewers a great story, brilliant Doctor’s and some of the most well done makeups on television. Other than The Weeping Angels, The Silurian Madame Vastra has some of the best painting and makeup application done in the last fifty years. With a mixture of prosthetics, airbrushing, scuplting, and basic makeup application, her lizard like appearence is so well done. The scuplting of each scale on her face and head cowl are so meticulously done that the piece is just a masterpiece. The mixture of airbrushing and basic makeup application opens the characers eyes pop. She is just beautifully done.



Until yesterday, I assumed that American Horror Story’s director Ryan Murphy sought out a variety of different actors to play his characters. From the old, young and extremely different, his new season Freak Show and previous season Asylum, the character of Pepper amazes my makeup addiction. Assuming that the actress was mentally and physically disabled, Naomi Grossman is not. Her ability to portray this loveable character on AHS is pure brillance and her makeup is even more impressive. Done with basic makeup and I assume so latex made pieces, Naomi Grossman goes through a dramatic transformation that stumps viewers every single week. The makeup done to the actress must take several hours but it looks so simple. Without any flashy eyeliner or eyeshadow, Pepper is normal and regular. The beauty comes from the makeup artists abilty to transform. It is just GORGEOUS!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


If you have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, SHAME ON YOU! As a makeup artist, Doctor Frank n Furter’s makeup is something you should aspire to replicate in your life. Done with black eye makeup, lucious red lips, and highlighting and shadowing, Tim Curry’s makeup is as close to perfect as possible. With hard lines framing the nose and eyeborws, the makeup is so masterfully done. There are just no words for how awesome this makeup is.

Honorable mentions:

The Weeping Angel

Mystique from “X-Men”

Cher from “Mermaids”


Mad Hatter

Black Swan

Bad Grandpa

As always, Stay classy, be vintage, and remember that’s you’ve got moxy kid.

**All images were found on Google


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  1. kmaublog says:

    I like Mortica Adams make up. 😀


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