Lovely Lips and A Vice for Your Face

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January 1, 2015 by brianakling


Hello readers! I apologize for being away for so long. Due to work and the absence of inspiration to write, I have been on leave from my blog. But put your minds at ease, I am here today to give you a blog to enjoy at your own leisure. Since Christmas just
passed, I was blessed with three Sephora goft cards in my stocking. THREE! Equalling about $85.00, you might have guessed that I went on a journey through Sephora looking for some new cosmetics.

Thus the adventure begins…

To my amazement, I really didn’t want anything special. This has been my first trip to Sephora in over two years! So, my intention was to buy a new foundation and a pallet of eyeshadow from Urban Decay. To my amazement, I steered away from the eyeshadow and foundation and searched for a matte lipstick. I have always been a fan of eggplant and purplely lipsticks. Due to my pale complexion,  I personally feel that I can pull off the darker shades. I was driven to Bite cosmetics.  They have a shade of matte lipsticks called Truffle that took my eye.

“Truffle” Matte Lipstick by Bite Cosmetics


If your looking for great matte lipstick, Bite Cosmetics offers the best shades. Whether its a pink, red, or even black, Bite’s matte colors are sure to please thr lips. With a slight hint of orange scent, “Truffle” is a dark purple color that makes the lips look full. The prodict itself is $25.00 at Sephora and is worth the money. The product is a lip crayon that twist up and down for application. It goes on smooth and covers the lips to give you nice full coverage. The only problem with the lipstick is that it doesn’t have a long lasting effect. After about an hour and a half, you have to reapply. Other than that, the color is fantastic and the product is worth the money!

My adventure within the land of Sephora has come to a halt.  With some gift cards left over, Santa knew that I needed some more Urban Decay eyeshadow for Christmas. In my stocking this year, I was given Urban Decay’s Vice pallet.

Urban Decay’s Vice pallet


I love this pallet. There’s is nothing I could say that would put this product in a bad light. With twenty different shades ranging from whites to a deepest black, the colors are have a nice subtle simmer to them. With funky names such as Bobby Dazzle,  Alchemy, Alien and much more, the colors go on smooth and offer a great look. The pallet comes with a blender brush that is surprisingly easy and great to use. It really works well with the crease of your eye.  The pallet has a mixture of both earth tones and for the more adventurous,  bright and lively tones. As I said before, don’t be afraid to wear black and the dark colors during the day! This pallet gives you that choice. Be bold! All in all, this online pallet is superior and I am glad it showed up in my gifts this year!

With the new year finally here, be bold with your choices and make sure to make them your own! Don’t be afraid to try new creations with your makeup routine!

As always, stay classy, be vintage and remember you’ve got moxy kid!


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